RAW Avocado cake

Raw avocado cake… I know the two words avocado and cake sound strange together, but I promise it tastes good! This is a wholesome, delicious and super quick dessert that fits well into our busy days. And when you sit down to taste it, I’m sure you will stop for a while and enjoy the moment. The moment of this delicious, smooth and creamy avocado cake that is all yours. Because you deserve it!


And top of it, this mini cake has got zero dairy, refined sugar, gluten or grains. The natural flavor of the avocado makes this cake into a wholefood powerhouse that fits to the vegan, raw and paleo diet as well.


Crust Ingredients:

  • 65 g pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
  • 3 soft dates, pitted
  • ½ tbsp maple syrup (or agave syrup)


Filling Ingredients:

  • 2 medium avocados (not too ripe ones are ideal)
  • 4 tbsp coconut sugar
  • 4 tbsp maple syrup (or agave syrup)
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • Pinch of Himalayan salt


Place all crust ingredients, except maple syrup, into a food processor and process into a crumble. Add maple syrup and process again into a sticky crumble. Transfer this mixture into a 5″ springform pan and press into a crust along the base and sides. Place in the freezer while working on the next step.


Blend all filling ingredients in a high speed blender until a smooth mixture forms. Transfer the mixture into your prepared crust shell. Carefully smooth out the top to even it out. Freeze for 4-5 hours or overnight. Decorate with coconut chips, seeds or edible flowers. Keep leftovers frozen.




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